PARIS 2019

Come,there’s no one…


Himself an avid weightlifter and boxer, Chair is fascinated by the contemporary pursuit of the perfect ‘selfie’ and the desire to obtain the most ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ on social media networks. He is interested in how success is reflected in these images, and comments that “Everyone has the right to his fifteen minutes of celebrity every quarter of an hour”.


Especially for DDESSIN(19), Chair has created a series of pencil on paper works which are dedicated to the high-end sports club institutions which flourish in cities all around the world as contemporary gentleman’s clubs. Memberships to these clubs are now an essential aspect of life for individuals who wish to share their personal, professional and social success with their community at large. The prestige of the club is determined by the neighbourhood in which they are located, their list of influencers, the length of their waiting list and finally their subscription costs.