'Tribute to Artists in Notre-Dame' Exhibition at the Arab World Institute


Tribute to Artists in Notre-Dame

Arab World Institute (IMA) - Museum (Levels 5,6 & 7)

21 September - 20 December 2019

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Donors Claude and France Lemand, upset by the fire that devastated, on April 15, the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, asked artists from the Arab world and diasporas, also affected by this tragedy, to give their testimony.


On the occasion of the 36 th European Heritage Days, the Museum of the Arab World Institute unveils its first "Tribute artists to Our Lady" , exhibition of works of the first artists to have answered the call: the Franco-Moroccan Najia Mehadji, Moroccan Mohamed Lekleti from Montpellier, Syrian Hamburger Boutros Al-Maari and Iraqi Londoner Dia Al-Azzawi.


This exhibition will be followed by other skirmishes. Thus, over the seasons, will be constituted a collection of works in tribute to Our Lady, by artists from the Arab world and diasporas sensitive to this theme and totally free of their expression and their means - the same freedom that had Claude and guided France Lemand in the constitution of the collection Tondo of East and West or 3 e pane Portrait of the Bird-Who Do Are Not.


Foreword by Jack Lang

This April 15, 2019, the IMA was in celebration: the last-born of our exhibition-event, "Foot and Arab world", had just opened its doors; we were preparing to welcome distinguished guests who had just come to discover it. Suddenly, a cry comes from all sides: "Our Lady is burning! Incredulous, we rush to the terrace of the IMA. And stay there, voiceless, stunned, exhausted by the sight of the cathedral on fire, by this drama unfolding before our eyes and to which we can do nothing.


Notre Dame - possessive adjective rarely have been as meaningful - is a bit our Paris, our history. And it is here that the generous initiative of Claude and France Lemand takes all its meaning: the artists who answered their call and wished to participate in the constitution of a collection-tribute to the cathedral of Paris shared our sorrow . For them all, coming from the four corners of the Arab world, this fire is that of a symbol of the French heritage, European, universal, which they have dreamed many times before giving life to their dreams by coming to France, of passage or forever.


I can only welcome the generous initiative of Claude and France Lemand. This new collection will now be on display at the Museum of the IMA, as it is established. And while recalling how France and the Arab world are linked by heart and spirit, the works on display will be reminders that art, beauty, harmony are universal and that the Arab world has its share.


Jack Lang,

President of the Arab World Institute


For more information about the exhibtion please visit the Arab World Institut website here

September 17, 2019
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