'Khamsa' by Mohamed Lekleti at Center of Contemporary Art, Perpignan



Curated by Mohamed Lekleti

100 meters from the center of the world / Center of Contemporary ArtCenter

From January 19th to March 17th 2019


The art we love and defend "one hundred meters from the center of the world", is the one that unites us, because it sublimates and transcends life, and opens us to others and to the world. This art is that of the communion of spirit and heart between all people who do not have renounced sensibility, emotion, spirituality, magic perhaps, and nature archaic and profound values ‚Äč‚Äčthat justify our existence on earth and with our similar.

Art is thus, beyond its different modes of expression, a unifying factor between men, and this is how this exhibition was conceived, by, with, and around Mohamed LEKLETI entitled KHAMSA *, and which brings together fraternally four other artists.

We thank Mohamed Lekleti for his generous offer of sharing and friendly confrontation with different modes of expression and writing, different from his and different from each other because it gives us wide access to questioning our thinking and sensitive Being.

* Plato, then Aristotle thought that the world was governed by five elements: air, water, earth, fire, and the quintessence that gave the breath of life khamsa means in Arabic the number five. Here he is referring to the number of artists exhibited.

Moreover, the choice of this title is not fortuitous because the exhibition brings together artists mainly from Africa and the Maghreb. In North Africa, Khamsa, is a symbol used as an amulet and talisman by the locals to protect themselves from the evil eye, it also means the five pillars of Islam.

Guest artists


100 meters from the center of the world / Center d'Art Contemporain

3, avenue de Grande Bretagne. 66000 Perpignan


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January 21, 2019
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