Pélagie Gbaguidi featured in 'Decolonizing the body' exhibition


Decolonizing the Body

Curated by Pascal Lièvre

Eternal Gallery

26 January - 3 March 2019


To close the trilogy devoted to artists who develop forms of resistance to oppression of gender and sexuality in the postcolonial context, Eternal Network invites feminist artist Pascal Lièvre to play the role of curator.


Decolonizing the Body proposes to explore the strategies of artists who deconstruct the oppressive norms of gender, gender and racism in their works. Militants, they create new formal, conceptual and political alliances with the bodies that perceive them. Activists, the works transform the exhibition space into a political space. By proposing other representations of the bodies, the artists present in the exhibition join a movement that goes from feminist theories to queer thought through postcolonial theories to move towards an intersectional analysis of the systems of power that are exercised on our bodies.


With the support of the DRAC Center-Val de Loire, the Center-Val de Loire Region, the Department of Touraine, the City of Tours. And the assistance of Crédit Mutuel, Art Nomade, FRAC Poitou-Charentes & Cinemas Studio.


Commissioner: Pascal Hare

As part of the festival Désir, Désirs


Participating Artists: Giulia Andreani I Malala Andrialavidrazana I Raphael Barontini I Laura Bottereau & Marine Fiquet I Halida Boughriet I Edi Dubien I Esther Ferrer I Kay Garnellen I Pélagie Gbaguidi I Kubra Kadhemi I Katia Kameli I Mehdi-Georges Lahlou I Roberta Marrero I Myriam Mechita I Myriam Mihindou I Pauline N'Gouala I Leonor Palmeira & Camille Pier I Françoise Pétrovitch I Chantal Raguet I Athi-Patra Ruga I Abel Techer I Nicole Tran Ba ​​Vang I Floryan Varennes


For more information about the exhibition please navigate to the Eternal Network website here


January 24, 2019
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