'AFRO, ENCOUNTERS WITH AFRICA' Exhibition features work by Gastineau Massamba



Galerie de L'Escale

Friday 15 March - Thursday 25 April 2019


In this collective exhibition, the works of artists from the African continent dress the Galerie de L'Escale, and question the viewer about identity, the transmission of know-how, the cross-fertilization of cultures and the challenges that our contemporary society faces. Reflections of a plural and multicultural society, these artists are at the same time the guardians of the traditions and the builders of an artistic future and more broadly of a humanistic vision in answer to the great doubts of this time. To observe the elsewhere and the use of the inheritance by each one, to understand the difference are the conditions for a sensible future, the Art like tool of speech, the Human behind the Art.


Participating Artists Include: Nú Barreto I Beya Gille Gacha I Nelson Makamo I Gastineau Massamba I Evans Mbugua I Hyacinthe Ouattara I Malick Sidibe I Ange Swana


Admission is free


Galerie de L'Escale

25 rue de la Gare

92300 Levallois



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March 12, 2019
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