Amado Alfadni Wants to Make Sure the Arab Slave Trade Isn’t Forgotten

Meet the Sudanese-Egyptian artist confronting history head on

London’s Sulger Buel Gallery is putting North African artists in the limelight, and the Arab Slave Trade isn’t being left out.


Sudanese-Egyptian artist Amado Alfadni, who is one of five artists to be exhibited, is making sure that the often-hidden part of our history is acknowledged. 


Libyan curator Najla Al-Ajili (who is also the founder of Noon Arts Projects) is behind it all. Entitled Waves, the exhibition sees the work of Alfadni, which is largely focused on the exploitation of historically-forgotten human beings, alongside that of Egyptian artists Souad Abdel Rasoul and Hani Rashid, Moroccan artist Combo, and Tunisian artist Elias Messaoudi. 

June 29, 2020
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