Joachim Silué
Born 1972 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast 
Lives and works in Modena, Italy


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he is at the same time painter, sculptor and designer. He lives and works today in Modena, Italy. Admiring the still lives of Joachim Silué, it is difficult not to see a tribute to life, to senses. Half way between painting and sculpture his works are composed of bitumen, wire or recycled wood whose materiality is palpable. The artist gives importance to used elements that have absorbed a form of suffering, a story. The memory of his past animates him.


Not without a certain elegance, the reduced palette composed of whites, blacks and beiges emphasizes the narrative presence of these raw materials of whom Joachim Silué tries to sublimate the last moments of life, as to grant them an ultimate function. Joachim Silué recently developed the series « Mental Slavery » that questions our submission to codes governed by the society. Echoing the myth of Narcissus, this insidious relationship of dependence is expressed especially through the recurring use of the comb or broken mirrors.