Collin Sekajugo
Born 1980 in Masaka, Uganda
Lives and works between Rwanda and Uganda

Utilizing elements of collage, precisely defined by colour, and sweeping, energetic hand-drawn lines in his works, Collin Sekajugo proposes a conversation with the viewer; literally producing communicative art. As a fervent critic of ethnocentrism in all its forms, he draws on multiple cultural sources to create images that engage the viewer simultaneously with a sense of familiarity and strangeness in their composition. Each work is a plea for tolerance, a statement against racism, violence and discrimination; each is also an ambiguous entrance into the artist’s uncompromising view of the world, whether it be a chat or an argument.


Sekajugo has exhibited extensively internationally and is represented in many major galleries. He divides his time between running community art projects that he founded in Rwanda (2007) and Uganda (2011) and his own art practice.