Mohamed Lekleti

Born 1965 in Taza, Morocco

Lives and works in Montpellier, France


Mohamed Lekleti is a Moroccan artist, born in Taza. He studied in Aix-en-Provence where he graduated in Film and obtained a Master degree in Fine Arts (MFA) from Aix-Marseille University..


Based in Montpellier, South of France, since 1987, Mohamed Lekleti makes a regular appearance at international art fairs and greatest contemporary art salons worldwide : Art Paris, Drawing Now, Marrakech art fair, Slick, Art élysée, Akaa, 1.54, Volta Bâle...


2012 Award winner of  Contemporary Design Salon : « chic dessin » in Paris, he meanwhile exhibit his artwork at « Belle Arti Palace » in Torino, Italy to become in a few years, a point of reference in the field of contemporary design in France and Morocco.


In 2013 he invested the place of « Salses Fortress » (French National Heritage) where he questioned the dual concept of « Territories and Borders ». Selected in 2016 to participate in the Marrakech Biennial (Palm Museum), he further demonstrate a design serie based on Tarot card game in «Dominique Bagouet » Art Space in Montpellier. An exhibition curated by Michel Enricci, art critic, former director of the Maeght Foundation and Van Gogh Foundation administrator in Arles .


In the mean time, Mohamed Lekleti shows his work in Narbonne Art Center « l’aspirateur »… In 2017, he is drawing « in situ » for Blachère Foundation,around the exhibition « Fuir » (Flee)


2018, he reached the Paul Valéry Museum in Sète and the « Frissiras » Contemporary Art Museum in Athens, Greece. 2019, Mohamed Lekleti is established as the new virtuoso of contemporary design in France by the wellknown French quaterly art magazine “L'Oeil”.


Since almost twenty years, Mohamed Lekleti’s artworks are exhibited in many galleries and numerous contemporary art places like Bruxelles, Casablanca, Séoul, Doha, Nashville, Barcelone, Genève, Paris... and is well represented in foundations, museums and private collections : Kamel Lazaar foundation, Blachère foundation, Al Quattan foundation , Frissiras Museum, Macaal Museum , IMA Museum, and at Contemporary Art Center Acentmètresducentredumonde...


In the last fifteen years, in parallel to his personal work Mohamed Lekleti has developed ephemeral works that received special attentionfrom cities like Valence, Sète, koblenz (The Museum’s Night in Germany), Carcassonne.( in collaboration with the Carcassonne’s Fine Arts Museum) Lodéve ( in collaboration with the Fleury Museum) …


« Lekleti is both unfolding and dismantling the world to rebuild it through newcoming and complex assemblies that are modifying our perception. By drawing and using mixed techniques, he diverts  the chrono-photography process so dear to Étienne-Jules Marey’s or Eadweard Muybridge’s heart. By doing so, he analyses the movement of beings and things and he emphasizes this true moment that will let us explore the imperceptible and in front of wich the eye may be blind. By using series of hand-drawned images and by multiplying scattered pieces and parts of a still reconstructable truth, he introduces something undetermined that is generating a kind of tenuous and widespread discomfort.