Mohamed Lekleti

Born 1965 in Taza, Morocco

Lives and works in Montpellier, France


Lekleti embraces space in its totality, leading him, through progressive distortions, to a dynamic deployment of his characters, which occupy the entire surface of the canvas. The men, women and real objects in Lekleti's works appear at first glance graphically precise, energetic but also disheveled within a flow of movement. On closer inspection, however, the subjects represented: violently coiled bodies, monumental forms in imbalance, bodies embroiled in infernal races, all are only real in appearance, and seem to exist in a state of perpetual chaos. This is not insignificant: the artist is forcing us to go beyond the visible and to penetrate into a universe of nonsense, in constant struggle and imbalance. Through his virtuosity the artist tells stories of both the power and the fragility of life.


Lekleti has exhibited widely, including France, USA, Korea, Belgium, Switzerland and his native Morocco, including as a laureate of the Drawing Now contemporary art fair in Paris in 2011, at the Torino Palace of Fine Arts (INAC) and the Forteresse de Salses, France (a national heritage monument). Leketi also participates regularly at art fairs such as Art Paris, 1-54 Morocco and London.